Town Manager

Recreational Water Safety

The Vermont Department of Health wanted to share the following message:

“Given the upcoming hot weather, the Health Department advises to stay out of rivers and streams until the water is clear and calm and to use extra caution when swimming in lakes and ponds that have been affected by flooding.

Heavy rainfalls can create potentially dangerous conditions in swim holes, streams, rivers, and waterfalls. These conditions of high water or strong undercurrents can linger several days after a storm, so be sure to assess the water depth and flow before swimming or boating.

Generally, you should stay out of any body of water for at least 48 hours following a significant rain event. If there is major flooding, it will take extra time for waterbodies to recover. This is because flooding can cause combined sewer overflows (raw sewage dumped into waterbodies) as well as extra debris and fuel and other chemicals to flow into waterbodies.

Rivers, ponds, lakes and streams are always susceptible to disease-causing microorganisms and chemicals from stormwater runoff and are especially susceptible after the widespread rainfall and flooding. Swimming in these waters may result in health effects such as minor skin rashes, sore throats, diarrhea or more serious problems.

Additionally, after major flooding, extra nutrients from the floodwater may cause cyanobacteria blooms a few weeks after. Be sure to watch for cyanobacteria.

Learn more about recreational water safety after a flood. Translated versions of this handout are available at “

Emergency Notification #5

The Town of Hardwick has been informed that the bridge on VT Route 16 between Belfry Road and the LVRT is STILL CLOSED. They are assessing the bridge, and determining how much damage this storm has caused and if it’s been undermined. Please stop driving over it, and please do not move the barriers or the road closure signs.
It’s very important to report any and all damage; even if you think it’s minor. Please call 211 to report the damage and photo document the damages. Reporting damage will help individuals receive state and federal aid. 
If you need any assistance please contact the Hardwick Neighbor to Neighbor organization. They will be at the Senior Center located at 56 High Street from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM. Their phone number is 802-441-3301 and their email is You can also contact the Town Manager’s office at 802-472-6120.

The Town Road Crew, along with other contractors have been able to open most of the roads. Carey Road and Riverside Farms are still closed.

Emergency Notification #4

The Town Manager’s office has been notified about closures or damages to the following roads: 

  • Carey Road- Closed
  • Nichols Pond Road
  • Kate Brook Road
  • Weeks Place
  • Bunker Hill Road
  • Tucker Brook Road
  • Riverside Farm- Closed
  • Hardwick Farms- Closed
  • Center Road- Passable- One lane- Use Caution
  • Granite Street
  • Belfry Road
  • Wolcott Street- Passable, just muddy- Use Caution

The Town is still assessing damages and this list may continue to grow. Our road crew, with help from other businesses, are working to make as many roads passable as they can.  We ask that you avoid these areas. We will get more information Friday and will update everyone Friday afternoon.  

For updates on State Highways please call 511.

Emergency Notification #3

As the flood water recedes, and damage is being assessed, It’s very important to report any and all damage; even if you think it’s minor. Please call 211 to report the damage and photo document the damages. Reporting damage will help individuals receive state and federal aid. 

The Emergency Shelter is still open; located at Hazen Union High School- 126 Hazen Drive. 

The water system has not been compromised and as of now there is no reason to place a boil water notice. If this changes we will send out an immediate notification. However, if you are experiencing low pressure or do not have water please call 802-472-6120.

Tops and House of Pizza are currently closed. They are working on cleaning up and will open up as soon as possible. Walgreens (including the Pharmacy) is closed at this time with no timeframe given to reopen. 

Emergency Notification #2

The Emergency Operation Center is now open. If you have individual needs, please call 802-472-6120. We will assist you with your requests. The emergency shelter will remain open throughout the day; located at Hazen Union High School 126 Hazen Drive.

The road crew is out assessing roads.