Information on reporting damage to your Business

Assess  & Report Damage To Your Business

  • The State is requesting all businesses report damage using this form. For support call “211” and select Ext. 5: Community Resources or text “898211” between 8 AM – 10 PM. (The more damage that is reported the more money, people power, equipment and supplies Vermont – its businesses and residents – will get for recovery.)
  • To assess your damage and prepare for assistance, the Vermont Small Business Development Center has created a quick checklist:
    • As much as you want to check on the situation, do not enter your location if there is flooding. (Do take pictures and videos from a safe distance, including high water marks).
    • Call your local insurance agent. Do exactly as they direct.
    • Begin DOCUMENTATION related to step #2:
      • Take pictures of everything you do from this point forward.
      • Keep a running narrative of every action you take.
      • Begin to estimate the cost of the damage. (Make a list of damaged or lost items and, if possible, include the date of purchase, value, and receipts.)
      • Keep all of your financial data up to date and backed up.
  • The Vermont Small Business Development Center has also produced a go-to Disaster Recovery Guide for Businesses, which provides step-by-step guidance for small business owners and employees after a natural disaster. (If you’re feeling overwhelmed and struggling to focus/prioritize, this can be a very helpful resource.)