Invitation to Bid: Hardwick Pedestrian Bridge Construction

The Town of Hardwick seeks sealed BIDS for the construction of the Hardwick   Pedestrian Bridge Project including the removal of existing retaining walls, removal of existing bridge abutments, shoring of existing retaining wall to remain, installation of new retaining walls segment, installation of new bridge abutments, installation of new pedestrian bridge, reconnecting utilities, minor grading within river corridor to expand floodway volume capacity, installation of riprap, slope stabilization measures and planting, and paving and landscape improvements to pedestrian bridge access.

Pre-bid meeting will be held on Friday, May 31. Questions from prospective bidders due on Tuesday, June 4. Responses to questions will be provided on Friday, June 7.

Bids will be accepted at the Hardwick Town Manager’s Office, 20 Church Street, Hardwick, VT 05843 until 3:00 p.m. on June 14, 2024, and then publicly opened and read aloud at said office.

Due to the file size, the drawings, specifications, and contract documents may be examined at the following location: Hardwick Town Manager’s Office 20 Church Street, Hardwick, VT 05843. You may also request the documents be mailed to you.