Update on the Town of Hardwick’s Business Operations

The Town of Hardwick continues to operate under the business operations guidance as implemented by the State of Vermont.  This includes no direct access to the Town Offices. Some appointments allowed on a case-by-case basis by coordinating direct with given offices.  Please recognize these measures are being taken to limit the spread of coronavirus; recent statistics from Vermont Department of Health show a marked increase in cases in the area and the state.  All of us at the Town level request your patience and understanding as the Town continues to conduct office type activities in a remote access format.  Town field operations for activities such as Highway work and Police services continue to be offered uninterrupted.  With the advances in vaccinations statewide we are hopeful more normal business operations will be allowed by the State later this Spring.  As a friendly reminder please continue to practice recommended social distancing practices as outlined by the Vermont Department of Health.