Town Offices Closed to the Public as of 12:00 p.m. March 17, 2020

Beginning at 12:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 17, 2020 the Town offices at Memorial Building, Police Department, Town Highway Garage, Wastewater Treatment Facility, and Jeudevine Library are closed to public access until further notice.  The Town has taken this step to do our part to practice good social distancing measures and protect the health and well-being of all involved given the current situation with COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  Please plan to conduct your business via phone or email. 

Please note all Town employees continue on given work assignments and business services are being conducted as best we are able to provide.

Contact info for given business departments listed below:

For Town Clerk office business, you can email or and or call or leave a phone message at (802) 472-5971.

For Town Manager office business, you can email  or or or call 472-6120.

For Zoning office business, you can email or call 533-2666.

For Lister office business, you can email  or call 472-6120.

For the Town Clerk’s office: Please note this office will be open by appointment only for attorneys and title searchers in need of land record access.  The town reserves the right to restrict this access for anyone who may show symptoms referenced for Coronavirus and or if you have recently traveled to / from one of countries with a travel ban in place.

If you are in need of the following items please note the process for requesting them. Also please note that we have a secure drop box to the right of the front doors of the Memorial Building for payments.

Copies of Tax Bills– Please call or email the Town Clerk’s office. We can in turn email, fax or mail the copy out for you.

Certified Birth and Death Certificates – The request application is here on the website under the Town Clerk’s page. Fill out the form and email or mail it with a copy of your license and a check or money order for $10.00 per certified copy to us and we will process the application and send it in the mail within 24 hours of receipt of the request.

Dog Licenses – Dog licenses are due by April 1, 2020. We understand for many of you this process requires a visit to the Town Clerk’s Office. However, to reduce the in person contact with our staff we would request that you mail your payment to us or leave it in the drop box, please be sure to include a current phone number on your request in case we need to contact you and we will send you your license and tag within a week of the receipt of the request. Spayed/neutered are $8.00 and non-spayed/neutered are $12.00.  If you are unsure if your dog is current on his/her rabies vaccination please leave a message at the office or send an email to or to and we will check our records and get back to you regarding the status.

DMV Registration Renewals – We received a notice today that Governor Scott has given a 90 day extension for DMV renewals to reduce the customer traffic at DMV locations. You can also continue to renew online or by mail. While this is a service the Hardwick Town Clerk’s Office typically offers, we will not be processing DMV registration renewals until further notice.

The April 7, 2020 Fire Truck Bond Vote– It will be necessary for us to hold this vote as scheduled. Our thought process to help reduce the possible spread of COVID – 19 is if you have experienced any of the symptoms outlined in the posts below, we would be happy to send you an absentee ballot.  Again, please call the office and leave a message or email one of us and we will send your ballot out within 24 hours.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you in advance for your cooperation as we feel this is the best way to reduce everyone’s exposure to COVID-19.

Alberta Miller, Town Clerk and Treasurer

For the most up-to-date information on Covid-19 please visit
or can call 2-1-1.

Shaun Fielder, Town Manager