Town Office Update as of 11/13/20

Town of Hardwick Update

Change in public access to Town Office spaces – November 13, 2020

Effective Monday November 16, 2020 the Town Offices at Memorial Building, Town Highway Garage, Wastewater Treatment Facility, Police Department will be closed to public access until further notice.  

For anyone who needs to pay their water and sewer bill in person at the Town Clerk’s office (due Monday the 16th) this will be allowed for Monday only.  If you are planning to pay the bill in person you must wear a mask and also practice social distancing measures.  Please consider mailing the water and sewer bill and or leaving payment via drop box option.

For all town business needs please plan to contact the given department via phone or email, you can contact the Town Clerk’s office direct for legal research scheduling options and access is to be determined by that office.

Contact info for town departments listed below:

Town Clerk office business you can email or and or call or leave a phone message at (802) 472-5971.

Town Manager office business email  or or or call 472-6120.

Zoning office matters email or call 472-1686.

Lister’s office business email  or call 472-4054.

Hardwick Police Department dispatch number 472-5475.

Additional information For the Town Clerk’s office

Please note this office will be open by appointment only for attorneys and title searchers in need of land record access.  The town reserves to right to restrict access per state guidance on municipal operations given the state of emergency.

If you are in need of the following items please note the process for requesting them.

Copies of Tax Bills and Water & Sewer Bills– Please call or email the office. We can in turn email, fax or mail the copy out for you.

Certified Birth and Death Certificates – The request application is on the Town of Hardwick website under the Town Clerk’s page. Fill out the form and email or mail it with a copy of your license and a check or money order for $10.00 per certified copy to us and we will process the application and send it in the mail within 24 hours of receipt of the request.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you in advance for your cooperation. We are taking these steps to reduce everyone’s exposure to coronavirus to protect our workforce and the community at large.

Alberta Miller, Town Clerk and Treasurer

Shaun Fielder, Town Manager