Town of Hardwick Water Quality

The Town of Hardwick was not involved in the lead sampling at the Hardwick Elementary School. We aren’t sure how the sample was taken. The way it was setup was likely to show a worst case scenario at the school as there was essentially no water used at the school all summer. The test at the school doesn’t demonstrate a lead problem with the Town water. The next sample the school will take will be what is called a flush sample (where the water is run for a period of time and then sampled), which should demonstrate a better result and be more indicative of the actual water quality of the school.

The Town lead levels were 3 parts per billion. Overall range of sampling was 0 to 4 parts per billion. The federal action level is 15 parts per billion. Hardwick water is safe to drink.

Some precautions that could be taken to reduce potential lead contamination: include in the morning, letting your faucet run for a few seconds to get cold fresh water and storing fresh cold water in a container in the refrigerator and drinking that rather than using water right out of the faucet. Lead levels are generally the highest when the water hasn’t been used for a while – like overnight or over a weekend etc., letting it run flushes out any stagnant water in your household.

Please contact the Town Manager’s Office at 802-472-6120 if you have any questions. Our office hours are 7:30 AM – 4:00. PM