Town of Hardwick Public Water System – for customers who experience cloudy water week of December 16.

As part of the construction process for the Bridgman Reservoir Roof project, the water department started refilling the reservoir on Monday, December 16 and it should be full on or about Tuesday, December 17.  The filling process will lead to some changes in water flow for the water system distribution network and this may cause cloudy water in some parts of the system.   If you experience cloudy water at your location, it is recommended that you run the cold water until it clears up.  If you have a tub or faucet without a strainer run the cold at this point to prevent potential clogging of faucet aerators.   In the near term, the reservoir will remain isolated for upcoming disinfection and testing.  A future update will be provided when the reservoir has been cleared to be put back in service by the appropriate State division.  The system apologizes for any inconvenience this issue may cause you and appreciates your patience and understanding.  Any additional questions on this issue can be directed to the Town Manager’s Office at 472-6120.