Town of Hardwick – Coronavirus Update 03/24/2020

The Town of Hardwick is in the process of having a number of personnel work from a home base to do our part on social distancing measures.  Business operations are continuing and please recognize there will be some delays on certain service functions.  As noted previously field operations continue to be conducted and this includes services such as plowing, public works to include water and wastewater service, and police department service to both Hardwick and Greensboro.  The following are managed independently from the Town but rest assured fire and rescue operations are continuing uninterrupted.  More details on town operations at

For those families with school age children in Hardwick and surrounding serviced communities, sharing this info on behalf of the school;

Childcare: If you fall in the ‘essential persons’ category, please fill out this online form in order to apply for childcare for K-8th graders during school closures.

This program is held at Hardwick Elementary School and maintains a sanitized environment for children and staff while providing learning support, enrichment, and academics. Breakfast, snack, and lunches are also provided. The Pre-K program is still being developed.

You can find information regarding free meal deliveries during school closures at this link

If you sign up for these deliveries, school officials will be marking your house with a piece of brightly colored tape so that deliverers can identify drop off locations.  In addition to meal deliveries, we have three sites where you can pick up meals: Craftsbury Academy, Hardwick Elementary, and Hazen Union.  At these sites breakfasts will be available 7:30-9, and lunches 11-12:30.  Questions? Call 802-472-2588.

For all please continue to take advantage of the NEK COVID19 Mutual Aid Support system at this link


Follow the social distance measures that are being recommended by the VT Department of Health and or as directed by Governor Scott or other state and federal officials.

Visit or call 211 for more info and for a comprehensive list of guidance items.


Finally please continue to support your neighbors, friends, and family via regular phone/email and internet supported contact.