New Billing Process for Water and Sewer

The Town Clerk’s Office wants to update all customers of the Town of Hardwick Water and Sewer system on our new billing process.

After receiving advice from our Town Auditors we have decided to follow a new Meter Reading and Billing schedule. Meters will be read during the last week of September, December, March and June. The billing for these readings will be processed on the following week and will be mailed to you with a 30 day window before they are due to the Town. All accounts will be billed at the same time, regardless if they do not yet have a meter installed.

The prior due dates will no longer be valid, so the billing dates of September 10, December 10, March 10 and June 10 will no longer be the collection dates.

Please feel free to contact the office Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with questions.


Alberta A. Miller

Town Clerk