Please join Black Dirt Farm, CVSWMD & the Town of Hardwick for the Composting Pod kickoff
meetup! Hear more about this exciting pilot program and meet your composting neighbors and

Hardwick residents have new food scrap collection options! CVSWMD, the Town of Hardwick,
Black Dirt Farm and the generous and community-minded individuals and businesses hosting
Pod Sites have teamed up to innovate a new, low-cost residential food scrap collection option
for Hardwick – Neighborhood Composting Pods! We are excited to roll out this hybrid collection
model to increase convenience and keep costs low. In 2022 we’ll run this program as a pilot,
only opening 5 neighborhood sites and enrolling 100 households, so space is limited! Please
visit: https://www.blackdirtfarm.com/compost-pods

It’s been a long time coming, so help us spread the word! Use coupon code “COMMUNITY” to
save 25% off the first 3 months of service! The location for the kickoff meetup will be at 78
Creamery Road in Hardwick

Join a Pod