Flood Update 7.12.2023

Good Morning Everyone.

We are now on day three of this latest weather event that has caused a significant amount of damage and destruction throughout our community and beyond.  The loss we have experienced is immense and the cleanup will last for months if not years. As we struggle with the daily grind of picking up the pieces that mother nature has left behind, we must not lose sight of what the future holds. Our community is strong and will continue to thrive because we all care so much about it.  

A couple of updates that I want to pass along:

The road crew has been and will be working to get all roads opened up in order for people to get in and out of their homes safely. There are still a number of bridges, box culverts, and culverts that will need to be replaced.  The route to your home might look a little different for a bit as we get infrastructure repaired and replaced.

Our Wastewater Plant has suffered a major blow and we are currently assessing the damage to get the plant back up and running. Our Buffalo Street and Route 14S lift stations have been flooded out and are likely compromised. Will will be manually pumping those and are working on a more long term solution to transport wastewater to the plant.  The collection system upstream of the plant and the lift stations is working properly so individual houses should not see disruptions with outgoing waste. 

The water system has NOT been compromised and is fully operational. Other than the service line to the Motel, no other leaks have been reported.

I will keep this brief as there have been and will continue to be many requests for support from individuals and businesses in town. 

We are in the early stages of disaster declaration. In the days and weeks to come, I hope to have better direction from our State and Federal partners on a path forward for financial relief, until then please document any damage you have experienced to your home or business with photos and historical knowledge of your losses. 

In closing; “The Select Board is grateful for all the dedication of all the town employees who have worked tirelessly through the flooding. We also appreciate the efforts of many volunteers who helped in so many ways to make the flood event more manageable for our community.”

I would like to thank all of you for being part of our community

With so much appreciation!

David “Opie” Upson

Hardwick Town Manager