FAQ’s about Marketing RFP

The Town of Hardwick has received several questions in response to the recent posting of an RFP for a marketing and mapping project focused on the Town’s recreational resources. Those questions and the answers are listed below.

Question: The budget for the project is not sufficient to produce all the deliverables outlined in the RPF. Can the budget be adjusted?

Answer: While the project budget cannot be adjusted, we welcome proposals for any or all of the deliverables. We request, however, that each firm make the case for what they are able to provide within the $5,000 budget.

Question: Is there any flexibility with the project timeline or the order of deliverables?

Answer: It is possible that some minor adjustments may be made to the timeline and order of deliverables during the contracting process, but all proposals submitted, should reflect the timeline outlined in the RFP.

Question: Can the Town provide any additional information about the types and number of recreational assets to be represented on the final map?

Answer: There are approximately 8 recreational assets that have been identified to be included on the map. Among those are a pump track, hiking and biking trails, a boating access, and scenic biking loops. It is hoped that the locations of cultural resources and amenities for trail users will also be included.