Exclusive Energy-Saving Opportunities for Hardwick Electric Department Customers

Thanks to a special partnership between Efficiency Vermont and VPPSA, Hardwick Electric Department customers are eligible to receive these special energy-saving offers:

  • $200 coupon for qualifying appliances, including washers, dryers, air conditioners, air purifiers, and heat pump water heaters
  • Income-eligible customers can get an extra $1000 back on the purchase of a new heat pump
  • Virtual home energy visits to find the most cost-effective areas of opportunity in your home
  • Free energy savings kits with LED bulbs, water-saving devices, smart home products, and more

Sign up for one or all of these energy-saving offers today. They’re available on a first come first service basis.

Learn More: https://www.efficiencyvermont.com/hardwick

Get a $200 appliance coupon from Efficiency Vermont

Thanks to a partnership between VPPSA and Efficiency Vermont, Hardwick Electric Department customers can get $200 back when you purchase an ENERGY STAR refrigerator, freezer, heat pump water heater, air purifier, air conditioner, clothes washer, or electric clothes dryer.

Get yours while supplies last! https://www.efficiencyvermont.com/hardwick

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