COVID Statement as of 4/2/2021

A joint statement on behalf of the OSSU, The Town of Hardwick, and the Hardwick Area Health Center. 

To members of the greater Hardwick community:

We are all tired of COVID and want nothing more than life to return to normal. It seemed that we were very close, but unfortunately cases are on the rise once again. This is likely due to several factors: because Vermont has done so well with controlling infections, most people are still susceptible; variant strains are circulating that are more contagious; the relaxing of social distancing rules; and pandemic fatigue. With increasing cases, we run the risk of having to tighten the spigot once again. This could mean restricting social gathering even more, closing schools, limiting visitation of the elderly in nursing homes or patients in hospitals, closing restaurants and other businesses, and further limiting travel. More people will also become sick, some will need to be hospitalized, and some will have long-term health issues or even die as a result.  Vaccination is working, but we need time to get vaccines into more arms. We need to remain vigilant, avoid unnecessary interactions, and always mask up. Please consider what is at stake, and re-double your efforts to follow the recommended precautions.  If we all make personal sacrifices over the next few months, we can slow the rate of COVID infections. This will ultimately bring us more freedom and save lives. We are almost there! We have made it this far. Please try to hang in there for just a little bit longer.