Boil Water Order CANCELLED- update as of 2.28.2019

Boil Water Notice CANCELLED

For Hardwick Town Water System

Effective Immediately

Update – February 28, 2019

 Hardwick Town Water System WSID # 5039

The boil water order that was put in place on Monday February 25, 2019 has been cancelled.

Boiling is no longer required and the water is safe to drink and use at this time.

The Hardwick Town Water System has taken appropriate and required actions following the discovery of the Bridgman Hill Reservoir roof collapse and the quality and quantity of the product does meet the State and Federal drinking water standards.

Since discovery of the reservoir roof failure on February 25 the town has consulted with the VT DEC Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division to insure all required actions were taken in order to lift the boil water order – all required actions have been met. One of those actions included conducting total coliform water sampling at five locations throughout the water system distribution network.  All of these tests were conducted on Wednesday February 27, 2019.  The results for all of them indicated no total coliform present.  This does demonstrate no harmful bacteria is in the water system as a result of the reservoir roof failure.

Be advised the Bridgman Hill Reservoir will remain isolated for the short term and plans are being evaluated now to determine when and how the repair will be completed. The water system is able to function adequately with this reservoir isolated given other storage reservoirs used by the water system.

The Hardwick Town Water System appreciates the understanding and patience of all users impacted by the events of this week. For more information, please contact Shaun Fielder (Hardwick Town Manager) at 802-472-6120.