Bid Opportunity Storage Unit/Route 14 Drainage Channel Restoration Project

Caledonia County Natural Resources Conservation District is Leading this Project

Request for Bids
RFP release: Monday, May 18
Mandatory Pre-bid meeting: Tuesday, May 26 10:00am
Bids due: Monday, June 8
Location: Route 14 adjacent to Bessette Mini Storage, Town of Hardwick, VT

TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION: Includes the resizing and grading of the drainage ditch (a jurisdictional 1st-order stream) adjacent to Route 14 to reestablish it as a stream channel; the addition of floodplain benches constructed along-side the new channel; installation of channel bed materials, bank materials and roughness boulders in the channel; and installation of erosion controls and materials to provide for bypass flows during construction. Construction also includes installation of a settling pool and step to create a stone forebay at the upstream end of the project; replacement of an existing 41’ long 2’ x 3’ CMP culvert with a 30’ long 5’ wide x 3.2’ high elliptical concrete pipe at the downstream end of the project.
Proposal documents are available here. Email us at for more information and design plans.
Submissions shall be on original forms as provided in the “Notice and Instruction to Submitters” package.