2020 Census Needs Your Participation!

Every ten years, the U.S. Constitution requires an enumeration of all persons in the United States, commonly referred to as The Census. For the next ten years, the numbers produced in this effort will help determine how more than $675 billion will be distributed to states and localities annually through more than 65 federal programs. These programs include special education funding, school lunch programs, meals on wheels, fuel assistance, Medicare, housing rehabilitation, community economic development and revitalization block grants, early childhood education, cooperative extension offices, and more. This year, you will have the option of responding online, on the telephone, or with a traditional, short-form written response. Look for your invitation to respond in the mail or at your door. It is critical that everyone participate and that all household members be included. The 2020 Decennial Census begins in March. Make sure that your community counts!

We urge all residents to participate in the U.S. Census this year because the results will determine how more than $675 billion is distributed each year to states and localities for key programs during the next decade. The Census is short, easy to complete, and important for this Town.